Artist Statement

I make landscapes.

I create things which I can see around me. It’s pretty obvious but not everyone notices it.

Sometimes I merely document a scene. On other occasions, I attempt to “cut out” the most unnoticeable, unimportant piece and make it self-sufficient, put it into the spotlight. Often, my works contain a composition, a pattern of light and shade, shape and form, color and contrast. But sometimes, a surface is enough (ground, snowfield, the reflection in the water). The challenge is to capture details in a minimalistic composition. To do that, I use texture – thin, fat, protruding strokes of paint – to emphasize the shape, to capture the color.

I have a diploma of a textile artist. During my studies, I used to work with fabric and filaments. Now, I try to mix these skills with painting. This way, a texture of a brushwork looks like a set of threads. I weave a tapestry on canvas.

My goal is to perfect my pieces as much as I can, so people realize that this is not a low-effort painting, not an etude, but a carefully prepared, enhanced composition.

Like a tapestry.

Artist CV

I was born in 1994 in a Western Ukraine.
In 2015, I got a bachelor's degree at Lviv National Academy of Art, in the textile department. My teachers were Oleg Minko and Iryna Danyliv-Flinta. Also, I studied at the Academy of Arts in Lodz (Poland) during an exchange program (2013). I have been taking part in many international plein-airs, projects and symposia ever since I was a student. Some of them were: “The Loving Vincent Exhibition” (Het Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 2017); “Memory of textiles” (gallery „Umelka”, Bratislava, Slovensko and gallery “Diamant”, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015); "Autumn Salon" (Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine, 2014).

One of the latest projects I have been participating in is “Loving Vincent” – the first fully painted animated film about Vincent Van Gogh. I was a painter-animator in that huge project.

My works are featured in many private collections across Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Hungary and Netherlands.

Group Exhibitions

  • - Constellation - Beyond the Horizon (Gallery of Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Toruń, Poland)
  • - Portfolio of desire (Dom Trzeżwości, Poznan, Poland)
  • - Constellation - Beyond the Horizon (Gallery of Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Toruń, Poland)
  • - My Zakopane (Municipal Art Gallery, Zakopane, Poland)
  • - Summer Salon (Stalowa gallery, Warsaw, Poland)
  • - Art Confrontations (TEST gallery, Warsaw, Poland)
  • - National biennale of art - 45 Winter salon (Elektrownia - Centre of Contemporary Art, Radom, Poland)
  • - 100 paintings for 100th Independence Day of Poland (cultural center Dwór Artusa, Toruń, Poland)
  • - Sielpia-Końskie, reporting exhibition of art camp (Gallery DEK, Końskie, Poland)
  • - Loving Vincent, exhibition of paintings from movie "Loving Vincent" (Książ Castle, Wałbrzych, Poland)
  • - Vincent at Rzeszów (The Cultural Incubator of Rzeszów, Rzeszów, Poland)
  • -Valley of Tysmienica, reporting exhibition of art camp (Gallery Oranżeria, Radzyn Podlaski, Poland)
  • - In anticipation for Oscars, exhibition of paintings from movie Loving Vincent (Innovation Center PRZEJŚCIE, Wroclaw, Poland)
  • - The Loving Vincent Exhibition (Gallery KINO DCF, Wroclaw, Poland)
  • - The Loving Vincent Exhibition (Het Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)
  • - In love with Van Gogh (Museum of Factory, Lodz, Poland)
  • - Valley of Tyśmienica, reporting exhibition of art camp (Mansion in Belczac, Poland)
  • - Pink bulldozer - 2016 (Museum of literature, Odessa, Ukraine)
  • - Nationwide Exhibition of fine and decorative art (Ukraine National Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • - Van Gogh. Reminiscence (Museum of Ukrainian Paintings, Dnipro, Ukraine)
  • - Urban Sketchers in Lviv (manufactory of the candles, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Minitextile (gallery Dzyga, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Textylizm (Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Memory of textiles, 17 international exhibition of textile miniatures (gallery Umelka, Bratislava, Slovensko and gallery Diamant, Prague, Czech Republic)
  • - Nationwide art exhibition for artist's day (Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • - Hortobady, reporting exhibition of art camp (Central Library, Debrecen, Hungary)
  • - Teacher and student. Computer and textile ( museum in Lviv Academy of Arts, Ukraine)
  • - Autumn salon (Palace of Art, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Lviv by young eyes (Unit Credit Bank, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Textile+Minitextile (Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Les Sketchers de Lviv exposition ( Alliance française de Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Lviv by young eyes (Unit Credit Bank, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Autumn Salon (Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Autumn of Tektura (Museum of ideas, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Private (Primus gallery, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Mini textile (Museum of ideas, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Crystal palette (art-center Ja.Gretera, Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • - Art without museums (Lanivtsi, Ukraine)

Individual Exhibitions

  • - Closeness and distance (a duet exibitions with Ewa Tresenberg, Gallery Zamek, Szczecinek, Poland)
  • - Way home (Gallery ODRY, Kock, Poland)
  • - Way home (Gallery ORANZERIA, Radzyn Podlaski, Poland)
  • - THEY (ComMuna, Lviv, Ukraine)
  • - Land (Bunkermuz gallery, Ternopil, Ukraine)