Loving Vincent exhibitions

For them who still don't know - Loving Vincent is the first painted animation film in the world. Every frame of the 94 minutes film was painted by hand. More than 65,000 pictures were painted, 12 canvasses per second. More than 125 artists bring in Loving Vincent the artist to life with their brushstrokes.

During my 9 months on the project, I make more than 1 minute of the film. It was very useful and interesting experience for me. First of all, I improve my technique (because of more them 10 hours of practising per day :)

Now, it's time for premiers all over the world, and we show public not only the film, but also paintings which were painted for the film.

The first exhibition was in Gallery KINO DCF in Wroclaw, Poland in October. One of my frames, "Family in the garden" (one of the most difficult frame which I have made for the film, because of the small faces), was exhibited here.

(on photo are me and Hugh Welchman (director of the film))

The second one exhibition in on Het Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. It's will be displayed until 28 January 2018. So you still have time to visit it ;) The ticket cost € 12.00 for an adult.

More about exhibition here