Olena Horhol


about me

Hello, I’m a Painter, Textile Designer & Graphic Designer from a small town in a western Ukraine called Lanivtsi. I grew up and became a painter there. My mother always say that I have been painting since I was in kindergarten. But as I remember, I was 13. Oleh Jatsula was a first person who teach me how to paint. I owe him so much. When I was teenager I enjoined to paint with him in an open air. He and another well-known ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk had really big influence on me.

In 2015 hold a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from Lviv National Academy of Arts. Also I studied at Academy of Arts in Lodz (Poland) in an exchange program. I have been taking part in many international plein-airs, projects, symposiums since I was a student. My works has been exhibited in many countries.

One of the latest projects I have been participating is a “Loving Vincent” - first fully painted animated film about Vincent Van Gogh. I have worked as a painter-animator there. Together we painted over 65.000 frames of the film!

Now I live in Wroclaw (Poland), working as a graphic designer and still paint…